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IBM-er has solo exhibition at Minsk museum

IBA Group and the Modern Art Museum of Belarus organize an exhibition of artistic works by Hanns Baum in 2012. The exhibition features collages and assemblages by the German artist Hanns Baum who spent 18 years in Belarus working as IBM coordinator at IBA Group in Minsk.

Hanns Baum, former IBM project manager at IBA

Hanns Baum, former IBM project coordinator at IBA

Hanns and his works

Hanns and his works

Exhibition launch

Exhibition launch

Assemblage by Hanns

Assemblage by Hanns Baum

Collage by Hanns

Collage by Hanns Baum

Picture of 2010

Hanns' picture of 2010

Picture of 2008

Hanns' picture of 2008